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Press release: Ares Materials Launches Easybond

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The innovative new temporary bonding material for flexible electronics finally gives flexible OLED display manufacturers a reliable alternative to laser lift-off processes, A higher manufacturing throughput, and with much lower running cost.


DALLAS, Texas (May 1, 2018) – Ares Materials, a display materials design company, has launched Easybond: a new cutting-edge Mechanical Lift-Off (MLO) technology designed to temporarily bond solution-cast flexible substrates to the display mother glass during the OLED display fabrication process. Easybond makes it easier than ever to delaminate plastic-based modules from the carrier surface after high-temperature processing (up to 500 °C) without the need for  Laser Lift-Off (LLO) processing. Applications range from Low Temperature Polysilicon (LTPS) backplanes, touch panels, to flexible color filters, all for flexible displays.
By applying Easybond directly on the mother glass before coating the base plastic layer, the OLED module can later be released with a low peel force (<5 cN/cm) that does not damage the structures atop. Defects resulting from the current laser LLO process decrease OLED manufacturing yield  to as low as 70%. Easybond’s MLO technology enables panel makers to avoid this crippling yield loss. Another major advantage of Easybond is the low associated capital expense – manufacturers will not require new equipment, and will no longer need expensive, and complicated laser lift off machines.  Panel makers will spend less and produce more. One of the major hurdles to cost-effective flexible electronics fabrication has finally been overcome.

With Easybond, device manufacturers can now:

  • Apply a temporary bonding layer without complicated substrate preparation
  • Cast flexible substrates (Polyimide or Pylux) on a high surface energy carrier
  • Process using temporary bonding layers at temperatures in excess of 500°C
  • Mechanically peel plastic substrates from carriers with low release forces (< 5 cN/cm)
  • Expect a more robust debonding process that is more tolerant to process fluctuations
  • Achieve cost savings realized by eliminating LLO upkeep costs

“Easybond is an elegant, creative solution to the stubborn and expensive industry problem that releasing plastic-based display modules has become. Easybond brings operational simplicity, reduces the capital expense of costly equipment, and generates immediate profitability through a reduction of late-stage defects ” said David Arreaga, CEO of Ares Materials. “Panel makers can now adopt plastic-based manufacturing processes with more confidence and return on investment”.

To learn more or to request download of the Easybond Value Tool, visit or email to get in contact with someone on our dedicated Easybond team.

Explore how Ares Materials is revolutionizing the world of flexible electronics visiting our booth (#1205) at SID Display week 2018 in Los Angeles, CA.

Learn how Easybond works and how this de-bonding solution can help you during our CTO’s, Radu Reit, technical talk during SID Display week – “82.3 – Temporary Bonding Alternative to Laser Lift-Off for Flexible Displays (Friday 5/25: 11:20 AM – 11:40 AM)”

About ARES Materials, Inc.

Ares Materials is a pioneer in the innovation of polysulfide materials, developing and designing materials with superior optical and mechanical properties unreachable by competing technologies. Ares’ flagship Pylux product line makes the manufacturing of flexible electronics easier and less expensive. With new approaches, from novel flexible substrates to highly specialized optoelectronic materials, Ares is providing the display industry unique new pathways with which to bring innovation and excitement to its display customers. For more information, visit

Adrian Avendano
Chief Product Officer
Ares Materials
(214) 762-4757

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