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Flexible and unbreakable displays coming soon…? – CEO’s Op-Ed

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You might have seen this video before…

This is not the first time big display manufacturers tease the world with an exciting prototype; flexible, foldable or, in this case, unbreakable. Each time the prototypes keeps getting sharper and nicer.

But, they are still just prototypes. Stubborn technical challenges persist, making it very difficult to bring a display like this to the market (let alone the mainstream phones and tablets). The release of a limited-edition flexible device was (again) delayed due to reliability and performance issues. Such a device is expected to have a price tag of about $2500 USD and the projected production is only a couple hundred thousand units; nowhere close to the 20+ million devices sold of the Galaxy S8s last year.


The fundamental underlying problem is replacing the glass. For obvious reasons, glass cannot be part of a truly flexible display. But its appearance, weathering durability, and scratch resistance are hard to beat with commercially available polymers. The unwillingness of polymer film manufacturers to innovate has hobbled the industry. Since last century, materials providers keep forcing onto display manufacturers the same polymer chemistries with only incremental improvements or minor tweaks. This is insufficient for a fast-moving consumer electronics industry desperate for the next generation of intimately integrated electronics required by the internet of things and biotech industries. The industry needs reliable, flexible polymer materials that can look and behave just like glass while remaining cost competitive.
That’s why we exist. At Ares Materials we have developed Pylux, a new class of flexible polymer materials that looks just like glass, provides the thermal and chemical reliability and does not break the bank. Our polymer technology finally enables flexible, unbreakable, and invisible electronics that will shape the future of the consumer electronics industry. Our materials offer better performance than available alternatives and are easier to manufacture.


What’s more, our Pylux films can be tuned to exactly match the precise needs of an individual device manufacturer.  Elastic or rigid, soft or tough, our technology allows Ares to produce radically different materials properties quickly and easily. Our vision is to provide the customization and dynamism that other large chemical or materials companies can’t because of their internal bureaucracy or commercial apathy.


We do not know when exactly the first foldable phone will hit the market, but what we do know is that the flexible/foldable form factor is the crown jewel that every major company is desperate for and betting on. And, Ares holds the key to it, and we will prove it to the world.


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