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High-temperature temporary bonding layer.

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Easybond is a Mechanical Lift-Off (MLO) technology for the fabrication of plastic-based, flexible displays

Easy to Integrate.

Easybond can be applied without complicated substrate preparation to provide a robust de-bonding process that is more tolerant to process fluctuations. Panel makers can achieve cost savings realized by eliminating LLO upkeep costs


Replacing expensive equipment, cumbersome, low-yielding lasers, and complicated carrier preparation… Ares’ Easybond is the innovative solution for your temporary bonding needs. Want proof? Have a look a look at our video or find out how you can try it yourself!


We have used spin-coat, blade-coat and slot-die coat, being the first one the most used one. Other methods such as spray coating can be used as long as you can deposit a uniform layer of the material.

It is not something we currently do, it would be a great effort to change the current viscosity and still guarantee the material will keep the desired performance.

When the substrate film is removed from the carrier, Easybond material stays in the glass carrier. Up to know with our characterization equipment, we see no traces of Easybond on the flexible substrate after release.

Here is the TGA curve showing the thermal stability of the material:

We have not found any issues with the Easybond solvent being water based. After curing at 120C for 10 min the solvent is evaporated and there are no issues with them after that for microfabrication. The TGA shows there is no outgassing or change in the material after curing.

Yes, we have deposited SiO2 by PECVD on PI and then released. Also, using full photolithography, Easybond, and Pylux MF, third parties have fabricated IGZO TFTs and Flexible Color Filters.

Measured peel force is < 5 cN/cm (< 5.1 gf/cm).

We provide the sample in liquid form. We have never provided glass coated with Easybond since most of our partners prefer to coat their PI soon after coating Easybond.

There are no chlorine or fluorine components in the Easybond solution.

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